ArtSpace is Reopening in Temple Street

  1. Administrator
  2. April 20, 2016 11:33 am

ArtSpace is Reopening in Temple Street


ArtSpace is reopening in Temple Street.

There is a good mix of shops and opportunities for independents in that part of the town. (I hear a vinyl shop is opening on temple street too! )

Zoe Wilkins, Chairman of Keynsham Chamber of Commerce says, “The need for independent shops is clearly required by the community having collated the first round of input from the Neighbourhood Development Plan, and I would love the public to know that one landlord is doing their bit to assist.”


John Paget the local businessman and landlord says,

‘Temple Street has a fantastic range of interesting independent businesses.  If you have not visited for a while, you will see there are some exciting new additions!

People always say they like to have a range of shops in their town, however, the temptations of large retailers means more than ever we need to shop local and support these family run businesses that offer so much more for your money.’